The V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting is going to be held for the 9th times in 2022. By now the event exceeds itself, and the Festival is one of the most prestigious cultural program in the V4 region. The main issue again is to strengthen the cultural cooperation of the V4 states: We want to continue the cooperation started in 2013 that spans over borders, one that puts the artists and audiences of the region intouch and offers opportunities for pooling of experience, for studying each other’s methods. In 2013 we started to improve a deeper cultural and theatrical coexistence in the region with theatrical, musical programs, riverside picnic events and with a V4 specific theatrical workshop. V4 festival is for now a brand, but the task isn’t completed: we want it to involve more participants from the youth generation, with more artistic programs from different fields, exhibition, etc. We would like to strengthen the continuous progress started in 2017: International musical production, all day programs for families, much more familiar brand new image, strong international tool like subtitle system and simultaneous interpretation.

New Location – Nagymaros

From 2021 the Festival moved to a new place, and definitely we found the best location for such a festival called V4. The new place is Nagymaros, the opposite side of Visegrad. Every theatrical and musical attraction in the V4 festival in 2021 will have a historical and sightful background: The Visegrad Castle where the historical Visegrad cooperation was born in 1335.

New Features

Come and check our daily family programs with touristic attractions, playhouse for the children or even check the VR Theatre performance at the VR tent.

Festival Program

Beside the theatrical productions we have a very strong musical lineup: The most famous festival groups from Hungary and the V4 region.

Please check the Program menu on our website for the details of the V4 theatrical performances and the musical programs.

Come and enjoy our V4 atmosphere!

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