Ferlinghetti: Gyönyörű hely ez a világ

Ferlinghetti: Gyönyörű hely ez a világ

2019. Július 5. péntek 17 óra  – Színházi sátor, Duna-part

Inscenation on motifs of poem The World is a Beautiful Place

by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Sabina Machačová

“The world is a beautiful place for a lot of such things as making the fun scene. And making the love scene. And making the sad scene. Yes. The world is a beautiful place to be born into. If you don´t mind a touch of hell. Now and then. Yes. The world is the best place of all. Because even in the heaven they don´t sing all the time…”

Motion staging on the motif of the most famous poem, The World is a Beautiful Place, by american poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti from 1955. The production is based on the adaptation of this poem, movement choreography, original music and live singer. A production that is like life itself – comic, tragic and ironic, full of hope and despair … Because you can smell flowers, goose statues and kiss people and dance and swim in the river … But now and then somebody throws us a bomb on your head…

Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Sabina Machačová
Translation: Jan Zábrana
Director: Juraj Augustín
Dramaturge: Sabina Machačová
Music: Ondrej Kalužák
Scene: Juraj Augustín
Costumes: Sabina Machačová
Visual consultation: Simona Vaškovičová
Production: Zuzana Drápalová, Simona Vaškovičová
Light design: Tomáš Tušer
Sound design: Ondrej Kalužák
Graphic designer: Simona Vaškovičová
Photo: Pavel Nesvadba, Dagmar Husárová
Trailer and recording: Dagmar Husárová, Nikola Minaříková

Lucie Hrochová, Petr Holík, Otakar Blaha, Veronika Bartošová